Friday, July 22, 2011

A quick update...

So you will get a proper post from Mum and I tomorrow, posting out Friday Night Sew in photos as we are participating tonight :)

I am up in Hamilton with Mum and my cousin is here also (the one who received the bag mum posted about below as a birthday present) so we will all be sewing together, which will be very very nice!!

Looking forward to posting tomorrow and having a blog browse at all the lovely things you have been making. If you arent yet linked up to the Friday Night Sew in and want to participate go to

PS. I just posted this and have edited to add this question. How do I change the date/time on blogger, it is American time (so its telling you I am posting this Thursday the 21st at night) and I want it at least closer to NZ time! (Im really posting this on Friday the 22nd here in NZ in the late afternoon!)??

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  1. Hi Cornelia, your mum and you have been creating some beautiful things! To change the time setting, while in your dashboard go to settings, then formatting, and you will find time zone. The NZ option is Auckland. Hope that helps.