Monday, August 15, 2011

A more positive post!...with SNOW

Sorry for the last few posts we have made, they have been very grumbly!

My knitting problems have not yet been solved!  I was going to ask someone to help me fix it at the UFO night that we have at my church for people to bring along their crafty things to do, however UFO night has been cancelled because of all the SNOW we have been having in Wellington!
Snow in Wellington has been my excitement for the day.  I am a relief teacher and I got called into relieve today, however by 11am I was sent home because the senior management were concerned that the teachers who lived in Wellington would find it hard and dangerous getting back over the hill to Wellington later in the day.  So home I came, I have a feeling the school would have finished early and I think  few other schools in the Wellington region were either closed today or closed early. Now I am just waiting to hear if I am teaching at that same school tomorrow or not.

Here are a few photos of the snow :)

 Going down the Wainuiomata hill back from school this morning (I was stopped at the rest area..this photo looks a bit like i'm driving)
 Outside my house earlier on this afternoon after I got back from a snowy outing to get some new warm PJs
 A few hours later...much thicker on the roof and grass

And 20 mins after I took the two above photos this is what it looked like, completely white!!!
What an awesome day :) as I was posting this we had a few massive thunder claps too.

On a sewing front tonight I will spend some time doing the Noah block that I posted about a while ago.  I will finish the applique tonight I think!


Saturday, August 06, 2011

Knitting Frustration!

I am currently making the scarf that mum has already posted about here.  I am not a knitter my any means, in fact my knitting so far has amounted to one bootie (the pair was never made), followed by a pair of booties that I made earlier in the year (which still aren't finished as I need to remember how to crotchet to finish them), and now this scarf.
The scarf is knitted with each part separately (two halves) and then joined together at the back.  The first half I knitted perfectly happily, a few problems here and there.  Now that I am ten rows from finishing the second half (each row decreasing, so 10 is not a lot!) I have problem after problem! The row I just got to the end of I have already undone once, something is still not right so I have to undo it again.  Since this has happened for the majority of the last few rows I am a bit over it!
I though practice was supposed to make perfect?????
Fingers crossed there will be a post update with a finished picture in the next few days, but I wouldn't hold my breath!