Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just a little something...

Mummy gave me the pattern for these little mice for Christmas. There are 4 different mice to make, all with similarly constructed bodies, heads etc, just with different details.

Im super happy with how it turned out, while I was making it, I was a bit unsure.
It just took the evening to make too, I like a little project that you can start and finish in such a short period of time :).

I rung mum this morning and told her I had made it. The statement she made was "well it must have been fairly easy to make, because you didn't ring me halfway through to say you were stuck!"

Sorry the photos aren't the greatest. My camera battery is dying and I have misplaced the charger.

Cornelia :)


  1. Hi Cornelia, thanks for visiting our blog. I have enjoyed having a look around yours, you have both created some beautiful things :) I look forward to visiting again.

  2. I love this little mouse so beautifully dressed,well done