Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cornelia's First Post

So I am the ‘me’ of Mummy and Me. I am 22 (so mums admission that she is over scrapbooking for a wee while…is really a year or more) and am a trained Primary School Teacher, and also have a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Music Studies. I got the stitching bug from mum, when she decided to do patchwork and quilting a few years ago. This is the first type of sewing stuff I have really gotten hooked on, mum has taught me to cross-stitch, knit, crochet and make a few bits and pieces like soft toys using the sewing machine. Now that I am into it I have started to appreciate doing knitting etc a bit more than when first taught.

I have been working on the Freckles Collection “Angels Kisses” block of the month for about the past 2 years, and have been sewing quite a lot on that recently, and am determined to finish it sometime very soon!

Blocks one and two (the first 3 blocks have all been finished and pieced together, but have to finish block 6 before I can piece the bottom 3 together). Coco the pussy cat was determined to get into every photo I took.

Blocks Two and Three
Coco making himself comfortable on my sewing (he is put out and me because im not sitting down and he cant make use of my lap!)
Block Five

I have just bought some fabric to make the Candy Girl single bed quilt by Janelle Wind and want to try and at least finish the top of the Angels Kisses quilt first.

Thanks for reading :)...Cornelia.

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