Saturday, January 11, 2014

Friday Night Sew In and A few other exciting things :)

Well it has been a very long time since posting and some exciting things have happened!!

My husband Dean and I have just moved to Melbourne, from Wellington, New Zealand.  We are staying in the Eastern suburbs and are so far enjoying it.  We have moved as a bit of adventure, so no jobs, but we saved quite a bit before we left and are are staying with family for now so that is great.

So far we have explored the city a little bit, went to the Melbourne Gaol, have been to a board games group (we are very enthusiastic boardgamers) and we also went to Phillip Island to celebrate our second wedding anniversary.  Phillip Island was definitely a highlight as we went to see the penguin parade, it definitely exceeded my expectation, you got to see the penguins so closely and they were very cute!!
At the Nobbies on Phillip Island

Dean with a Koala at the Conservation place on Phillip Island

Owl block of my Wildflower Wood BOM-What I worked on for Friday Night Sew In
Now to sewing!  I participated in Friday Night Sew In last night and have done some more work on my Lynette Anderson Wildflower Wood block of the month.  I have finished stitching one block already and am working on the second and third ones.  I am leaving the second one for now because I am putting off doing the satin stitch flowers, satin stitch is definitely my least favourite to do, because I am not so good at it I guess.

I look forward to posting again as I have much more to share on the Sewing front :)



  1. glad you have settled in Cornelia and lovely work you have done.xx

  2. Lovely stitching nice to hear you have settled and getting to explore your surroundings.