Saturday, October 22, 2011

FNSI results

Firstly sorry for the lack of camera is not co-operating but I promise once it does I will add the photos :)

I just realised that I didn't even post to mention that I had signed up!  Sorry for a long awaited blog post.  Mummy and I have not much to report on the sewing front (well mum has lots, buts its all things for the wedding) and we have both been busy, Mummy with sewing wedding stuff and with work, and I have been working most days now (I am a primary school relief teacher) so I have less time to sew than I did earlier on in the year!

Anyway to what I achieved last night (mummy and daddy are on holidays in Cairns at the moment so no Friday Night Sew In for her)

I pinned together the three layers for some mug rugs I have been making.  The pattern I have used is this one:

I then ironed all the pieces for an applique block, its a little colourful giraffe.

I also traced all of the designs so far on christmas sew along.  I have been printing the patterns each week from her blog.  I will get some iron on pellon tomorrow so that I can start stitching them :)

We will endeavour to post more often from now on!  It's really nice sharing what we have been doing and looking at what other people have been doing also :)

Have a nice labour weekend to any NZers who read this :) and a nice weekend to those elsewhere!



  1. Sounds like you have been busy. I had a look at the mug rug pattern, it looks lovely, I look forward to seeing yours. I'm doing the Christmas sew along too.

  2. Looking forward to the photos. Haven't tried a mug rug yet. On my list of things to do. ;o) I am a new follower. Nice to *meet* you. :o)